Fast Pass Wash Plan

Keeping your car clean has never been easier
No More Excuses! Never drive a dirty car again.

Protect your vehicle and keep it looking great everyday!

Fast, Easy & Convenient

Shine On Car Wash offers monthly car wash packages that allow customers to wash their car everyday for one low price. Customers pay one low monthly price and receive a Fast Pass (RFID) on their windshield. When you pull up to our self-pay station, the Fast Pass reader will recognize your vehicle’s monthly pass and send it through for an outstanding wash.

A Shine On Car Wash Plan is another fast and convenient way for you to keep your cars clean!

Terms & Conditions of Fast Pass

  • The program entitles the member to wash each vehicle enrolled to one wash per day.
  • On the monthly anniversary of the member’s purchase date, the member’s credit card will be automatically charged to renew the membership.
  • There are no contracts. The member can cancel at anytime by sending a request to Request must be received 5 days prior to monthly anniversary date.
  • Cancellation of this plan prior to anniversary date does not entitle the member to any refunds or credits.
  • Regardless of cancellation date, all wash plans will remain active until the monthly anniversary date.
  • Transfer or removal of the Fast Pass sticker will result in automatic termination of the wash plan.
  • The plan will terminate if the monthly charge is declined by the credit card processing system.
  • Shine On Car Wash reserves the right to cancel, amend or change the benefit, pricing and/or terms of the agreement at any time upon thirty (30) days prior written notice.
  • Weather, maintenance, equipment failure or holidays may affect the availability of wash services without refund or credit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for an Unlimited Plan to be cancelled?

Once a member notifies Shine On Car Wash via email, the plan will be cancelled effective the next monthly anniversary date.

Will I receive a refund after cancelling?

A refund / credit will not be issued. The member’s plan will remain active until the next monthly anniversary date.

Will I receive a confirmation email after I change or cancel my Unlimited Plan?

The member will receive an email confirmation after the request is received.

Can I upgrade my Unlimited Plan?

Yes, just stop by our location and we will be happy to help.