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I understand our organization will be selling individual car wash vouchers, valid for one (1) Shine & Protect Car Wash redeemable at Shine On Car Wash. I understand and agree that our organization will sell the voucher for $15 each.

Following the sale end date, I understand that our organization is responsible for paying Shine On $5 for each voucher not returned. Settlement is due within 14 days of end of sale date. The organization is responsible for lost or stolen vouchers.

I understand that our organization will be required to leave a deposit equal to $5.00 multiplied by the number of vouchers received. This deposit will be returned to the organization during settlement, and will only be used if the organization does not settle or return the vouchers to Shine On within 14 days of the stop selling date.
Deposit can be made with the organizations check, or credit card.

I understand this is an application only, and is not an agreement or commitment on behalf of Shine On Car Wash.

Shine On will contact you within 5 business days after receiving application.