Serving our Community

Inspiring people to shine
Environment – Fundraising – Donations

Every time we wash a car we are continuing our commitment to inspire people to shine.

This commitment extends beyond the car wash tunnel into our communities through the various programs we participate. Part of being a conscientious neighbor is looking for ways to improve and provide a brighter future for our team members, our communities and the world we live in.

It’s more than just being a good neighbor, it’s doing everything we can to elevate the neighborhoods we live in and do business in. This comes in many forms; designing our car washes to be environmentally friendly, partnering with local organizations and giving generously through our fundraising and donation programs

It’s not just about washing cars. It’s about how we wash them.

Water conservation is central in our sustainable approach to washing cars. Partnering with Shine On Car Wash is the perfect solution. There are numerous harmful contaminants that build up on our cars. When washing in a driveway or parking lot, all these elements, in addition to the soap, will run directly in our rivers and bays.

Our commitment also extends to the products and cleaners we use in our tunnel. At Shine On, we use biodegradable soaps and polishes, and recyle up to 40% of our water. None of the contaminants go into the storm system. Help us keep our rivers and bays clean!


One of the best ways to serve our community is by partnering with outstanding organizations in our area through our Shine On fundraising program.

Here’s how it works:

Simply sell our $17.00 Shine & Protect car wash voucher to people in our community at a discounted price. ($15.00). Your organization will keep $10.00 for every voucher you sell.

As an added bonus, Shine On will make an additional $100.00 donation for every 100 vouchers sold.

This is a great way to raise funds for

  • Community / Civic Clubs
  • Schools
  • Youth Athletic Clubs
  • Church Youth Groups


Does your organization have an upcoming event, Silent Auction, Raffle or Golf tournament? Contact us and allow us to customize a donation package that is right for your event. We may offer car wash passes, gift cards or Shine On gift baskets.

We would love to help!